Smart CD Catalog Professional

Smart CD Catalog Professional 3.16

It will allow user to arrange and list the collection of their CDs and DVDs

Often it happens that people are messed and confused with large collections of their CDs/DVDs in an unsorted manner. To take the user out of this frustrating situation, Smart CD Catalog Professional will prove out to be very effective. Smart CD Catalog Professional will allow user to arrange and list the collection of their CDs/DVDs in a systematic and ordered manner. Most importantly, for the convenience of users, Smart CD Catalog Professional has provided some default categories to arrange their collections. User is free to add as many categories other than the default ones. Smart CD Catalog Professional also provides many features making it excellent software to use. For instance, user can easily add comment to their collections very easily. Smart CD Catalog Professional provides user with lots of facilities like searching, preparing reports as well as shows the statistics regarding the information gathered by the collection. Ready made reports are produced by Smart CD Catalog Professional which can be used as per need of user either in their websites or any other windows applications. The interface of Smart CD Catalog Professional is very user-friendly and attractive making it simple to use.

Manoj Goel
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  • Supports CDs/DVDs and any type of media collection
  • Displays every aspect and details of collection
  • Allows adding comments
  • Any number categories can be added


  • Not a freeware with limited trial version
  • Cannot run in Apple MAC OS
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